MultiMAX ™ is one of the innovative online slot machine mechanisms designed by Yggdrasil, a world-renowned supplier of world-class iGaming solutions based in Malta. In order to give players extra excitement, the company is always looking for new ideas that can increase its game winning potential. Can you think of a better way than filling the slots with lightning-fast multipliers? If your answer is no, please continue reading to understand how MultiMAX ™ works and the specific functions of this reel mechanic. autobet

How can MULTIMAX online mechanical slot machines double their profits? เครื่องราง ด้าน การ พนัน

MutiMAX™ was created to fit the standard 5×3 grid, and it is an advantageous feature that allows each win to be multiplied by up to 5 different multipliers. Yggdrasil’s excellently constructed system is very simple: after each win, all reels with at least one lucky combination symbol will apply their respective multipliers to the win. Therefore, the final payment will be the product of all activated reel multipliers; we bet you have never seen your bonus grow so fast.

Suppose the player gets four matching symbols from left to right. In this case, your victory will be multiplied by the four multipliers activated on reels 1, 2, 3, and 4. The multiplier on reel 5 will not be activated because the reel does not contain symbols that have been supplemented by the victory sequence. Undoubtedly, when combined with the extraordinary power of cascading scrolls and wild symbols, this mechanism takes on a whole new dimension, such as the impressive Multifly, where the MutiMAX™ function is truly at its best.

MULTIFLY เกม เพชร พลอย

The first MultiMAX ™ title is the exotic Multifly. Deep in the vibrant jungle, this is a never-ending battle, with insatiable chameleons and beautiful (apparently delicious) fireflies. No matter what you think, you will not really fall into the dilemma of which side to choose, because your income is directly related to the number of fireflies eaten.

With an impressive maximum win of $788,475, this online slot machine has a standard 5-reel grid, but each reel comes with a multiplier, which is the multiplier for each wild symbol that falls there Increase by one. Taking into account the existence of the pull-down function, additional madness will be added after each cascade, and the player is likely to win up to 10,000 times the bet.

Landing three scattered chameleons during the basic game will trigger free spins, and in order to sweeten those highly sought-after foods around the house, the accumulated reel multiplier will continue to increase with each new wild animal that appears on the screen . Multifly is a highly unstable slot machine with 243 ways to win and a fairly generous RTP of 96.3%. It is safe to say that this game full of multipliers is a good choice for everyone who likes to increase their bonuses.

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